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Free! ep.3 - Momotaro

Free! Eternal Summer  |  Mikoshiba Momotarou in episode 2

The Beautiful Boys of Free! Eternal Summer ♥


Minako Aino - Sailor Venus/Sailor V


Happy Birthday 氷上スミレちゃん

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Fanart by Guh Walker.

I just want to say that those who think this is an affront to the girl power and feminism message of Sailor Moon Crystal; you are mistaken. In the arms of the one I love dearest, I let my guard down, but we protect our men the way the queen on a chess board protects the king. That’s what this portrays. Am I right, ladies?!

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Sailor Moon Crystal LE Blu-ray Vol. 2 art featuring Sailor Mercury!

Everybody loves somebody.
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